Petition to the Government for a Redress of Grievances: The Edwards Dossier

John Stuart Edwards

“Fiction is the indistinguishable convergence of facts and imagination.”

On Election Day, 545 people in the United States government ruled more than 300 million people. The country was being ripped apart. Constitutional rights were being trampled by elected officials across the nation. Citizens were battling violent domestic Marxists, corrupt career politicians and a rogue coronavirus pandemic. Tensions between the United States and China were escalating rapidly and tyranny was threatening the entire world. Knowledge in the U.S. was being systematically replaced with passionate cries for social justice from the mob.

“The Edwards Dossier is an instruction manual to help Americans fight back against career politicians & bureaucrats in both major political parties that enrich themselves at taxpayer expense and sow seeds of discord and hate for power.”

Petition to the Government for a Redress of Grievances is the first textbook in history to establish a national decency standard – the 3 R’s, for United States Citizens to exercise freedom of thought and expression in the public square.

“John Stuart Edwards thrusts a dagger into the heart of government corruption in Washington D.C.”

The Case Studies on Federal Government Corruption, Malfeasance and Reform presented in this book provide a practice range for readers to safely navigate complex policy proposals and ideas before embarking on research expeditions in the real world to solve humanity’s biggest problems and secure the future of human life for all time.

“A textbook by John Stuart Edwards for freedom loving people that reads like a novel.”

Books by John Stuart EdwardsThe writings of John Stuart Edwards are intended to scratch the consciousness of humans to lean toward freedom. John Stuart Edwards is an American writer that exposed billions of dollars in waste, fraud & abuse and other violations of the law in the U.S. federal government.

The people who run the United States federal government are evil and corrupt.

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John Stuart Edwards

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Knowledge Equation - John Stuart Edwards

The Edwards Knowledge Equation


Knowledge = the total sum of the thoughts and experiences between a question and its answer over time

DANGERA Course to Save Humanity
The Future of Human Life

by John Stuart Edwards

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to freedom of thought and expression in the public square.

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